1. Initiator

The initiator, Cyclis, located at 39A/1.02 Hendrik Van Veldekesingel, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium, is a leasing company that offers bicycles to businesses and their staff in the context of mobility and flexible remuneration.

2. Aim of the campaign

Motivating as many people as possible to cycle to work on Thursday 27 April or, if they work from home, to go on a bike ride.

3. Aim of the website

The aim of the website is to register participants and gain information: where are the cyclists departing from, and how many kilometers will they cover?

All participants can sign up on the website and provide the following personal details: name, company, residential postcode, company postcode, number of kilometers and email address.

4. Copyright

The images submitted for #icycletowork may be used at will by #icycletowork and Cyclis via the various communication channels (both on and offline) for #icycletowork without any limitations in time and without any copyright fees having to be paid.

Participants may only submit images for which they hold the copyright. In this capacity, they must have the consent of all third parties who were involved in the recording of the submitted image and/or third parties that may wish to exercise their rights in this regard vis a vis the submitter.

Participants guarantee that their submissions are original and unpublished images. Existing work may not be copied. Every participant guarantees to the organiser that no legal action can be taken with regard to any images and that no complaints or objections may be lodged with respect to exercising the transferred rights.

5. Facebook / Instagram / Website / Mailings / #icycletowork

#icycletowork may place a selection of the submitted photos and videos on its social media and those of its initatior Cyclis.

By using the #icycletowork tag on the personal communication channels and the channels of #icycletowork, the participant extends his/her free consent to their creative efforts being published, without any limitations in time and space, on the website(s) of #icycletowork (potentially also adapted for mobile use) and other online channels under the editorial responsibilities of #icycletowork and also for these to be reproduced on any carrier whatsoever and, in turn, distributed. The participant hereby states that they hold the necessary rights (intellectual property rights and personality rights) to consent to the use of these creative efforts and indemnifies #icycletowork against all possible claims in relation to these creative efforts. All creative efforts must be original, must have been created only and exclusively by the participant(s), and may not include any third party materials that are protected in any way by means of copyright or otherwise (unless he/she has obtained all necessary permissions from the rights holder).

6. Payments

Charity Habbekrats vzw and Natuurhulpcentrum vzw

Every participant can opt to contribute an amount of their choosing or donate the amount that he/she is saving by cycling to work (e.g. bicycle allowance, saving in fuel, etc.) to the charities ‘Habbekrats vzw’ and ‘Natuurhulpcentrum vzw’.

For every payment, an administrative fee of €0.18 will be deducted by Mollie. The amount will be paid into Cyclis Bike Lease’s account and we will transfer it 50/50 in full.

7. Data processing

The data, such as postcode and number of kilometres, shall only be used to localise the number of cyclists in Belgium and to indicate the number of kilometres on the counter, which can be seen on the website. The email address shall only be used to keep participants up to date with the campaigns as well as any future campaigns concerning #icycletowork. The personal details will not be used for commercial purposes. The details that are used for the payments will be managed by an external payment service provider: Mollie (

Each participant consents to have their data shared with their employer. This concerns only the first and last name. The e-mail address is only exchanged if it is e-mail addresses with the domain name of the company / employer. No private email addresses are shared.

8. Liability

Those taking part in the campaign and who register hereby acknowledge and accept the characteristics and limitations of the internet, particularly in relation to technical performance, the risk of disruptions and, more generally, the risks associated with logging onto the internet and sending information. The data concerned is not protected against hackers, nor is it protected against any viruses on the network.

The organiser cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage of any nature that may be suffered by participants.

Participants must themselves organise any measures that are required to protect their personal data against any types of interference by third parties. Anyone registering via shall bear full responsibility.

In the event of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, the organiser retains the right to modify the campaign or the progress thereof. In this respect, the organiser may make any decisions they deem necessary and may not be held liable in this context.

The organiser retains the right to cancel participation, to modify the campaign or part of it, to postpone it, shorten it or cancel it entirely if there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity or participants. The organiser cannot he held responsible for this.

9. Cookies & Privacy

We use technologies, such as cookies and pixels, to adapt content and advertisements, offer social media functionality, and to analyse website traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn with the aim of ensuring that you see personalised advertisements. The website information that is shared with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn is completely anonymous for us

The personalised advertisements are only used by icycletowork and Cyclis and concern bicycle leasing in the context of the icycletowork promotion, with the aim of expanding familiarity with the Cyclis name and persuading more people to cycle to work.

As a user of the website, you can choose not to share your user data via the cookie banner that appears when you first use the website.

Participation in #icycletowork means that you are fully in agreement with all of the conditions in this document.