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Register via the website and cycle in on your bike on Thursday 27 April. It’s as simple as that.

Donate an amount to the two charities during registration. This could be, for example, your bicycle allowance for that day or the money you save on fuel.

Are you unable to cycle to work? You can still easily donate an amount via this page or by making a direct transfer to this account number: BE43 0689 3508 7101

Cyclis Bike Lease, divides the money raised equally between the Natuurhulpcentrum and Habbekrats.

You can download the promotional material here and distribute it as much as possible. You can also print it and distribute it among your colleagues, friends and family. Are you cycling with some of your colleagues? Then take a nice picture of you all together and tag us. Who knows, you may even appear on our website.

Be sure to let us know on social media that you are participating in #icycletowork.

You can also apply to become one of our ambassadors next year. You will then receive a promo package at home, as well as fun gadgets to encourage as many people as possible to participate.

You can consult the list of participants here at any time. Would you like the registrations in your company to be bundled? Please let us know via We will bundle the registrations for the #icycletowork day on 27 April.

You can still participate in the #icycletowork day, even if you work from home. Sign up and let us know that you work from home but will still be taking a symbolic bike ride to work.

Habbekrats vzw has set up 17 houses in Belgium for vulnerable children and young people, where they can go for friendship and help. Habbekrats will use the collected amount to organise summer camps so the children can escape their difficult home environments and enjoy themselves.

This year we are also collecting money for the Natuurhulpcentrum, a shelter for sick and injured native wild animals. In addition, they also temporarily take in confiscated or dumped exotic animals from all over Europe. The demand for places in shelter is increasing, and the Natuurhulpcentrum will use the money to fund the expansion.

If your donation is €40 or more, Habbekrats or the Natuurhulpcentrum will provide you with a tax certificate.

We are no longer looking for ambassadors for 2023. Would you like to register for next year? Then contact us at


The cyclists in your company can register individually via the website. This means you don’t have to do it for your employees.

As a company, you can give the campaign an extra boost by becoming a sponsor or making a donation.

Your company can make a donation to Cyclis Bike Lease using account number: BE43 0689 3508 7101

Cyclis Bike Lease will transfer the collected amount equally to Habbekrats vzw and the Natuurhulpcentrum vzw.

If you donate €250 or more, your logo will appear on the charities page.

Cycling colleagues can also donate when registering.

You can reward your cycling colleagues with a nice healthy breakfast or fruit. Many bicycle-friendly companies also hand out fluorescent vests or other gadgets.

You can also participate in one of our cycling challenges in the run-up to the #icycletowork day. Tag us in your photo and it might appear on the website.

Give us a call via and we will bundle the registrations once on the #icycletowork day on April 27.


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